Me & A Monk


I went for a walk on the beach yesterday, at a new part of the island I’d never been. It was beautiful and quiet, with very few people there. I needed quiet. I needed peace.


I noticed a stone sculpture atop the rocks. It looks like a woman walking, don’t you think so?


I walked on and saw a second sculpture, with what looked like a mushroom on top. Can you see it?


I went closer and saw a little monk praying. He said “Take me home.” So I did.


I put the little sculpture in my bag, and when I got home I noticed it held a secret scroll.


I took it out and it reads: “Hello – My name is Jizo (pronounced Jee-zoe). I am the Buddhist protector of women, children and travelers. Since you found me, I am yours. Please take me home!”


Finding Jizo has reminded me of the kindness of strangers, those who share beauty and a message of peace, even when no one is watching. Also, a reminder to meditate. Such a lovely gift – I’m so touched. I would love to say thank you to whomever left this on the beach for me to find. Thank you!

What say you Sugar?

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