Creative Writing

Burning Bush in a Dark Forest


Photo Via Pinterest

My own daydreaming had brought me there. Uncomfortable as it was, I knew I had created it and paid the debt willingly. Some of the trees there were evil and barren, some were flowery and ethereal. They all led to different paths and although the choice would seem obvious, I am quite familiar with illusion. I asked myself aloud, “Should I remove the mask? Can I face the answer to a question I’m afraid to ask?”

While I sought my way through the Dark Forest, I came to a clearing, which held a Burning Bush. As I approached a voice came from the center – masculine, soft, and sweet. Just in it’s being it gave me a perspective that led to more questions. It made me feel connected, although it wouldn’t let me too close.

I can’t recite all we spoke of, but I will tell you this – I heard a whisper, “It makes you ashamed doesn’t it?” I turned my face away and quietly answered “Yes”, but what I meant to say was “No. Not with you.”

I let my eyes close to savor the feelings stirring inside me and when I lifted my lids…it was gone. Was it truth or another daydream? Well, reality is an imaginary game. But, sometimes I still hear his voice, singing…


What say you Sugar?

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