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Dreaming Of John Cusack Changed My Life

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Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s not what you think.

I have a recurring dream in which John Cusack treats me with contempt, ignores me, or like last night, he chases me while I run for safety and find a place to hide. The scenarios are always different, some other characters come and go, but the gist is always the same. He has shown up at least once a month for the last decade just to remind me how much he despises me!

I’m not one to go all doe-eyed over people I haven’t met, especially people who act like an ass in the dream world, yet I know enough about dreams to pay attention when a notable person shows up – your inner self is telling you something important. But what?

The sum total of what I knew of Mr. Cusack prior to these dreams was that he is a handsome actor. I had enjoyed some of his movies, and I cried when he cried in Serendipity. Done.

At first it was funny, then I began to question my sanity. I started waking up with my feelings hurt and some days I couldn’t shake it. His blatant unkindness directed at me for no apparent reason was perplexing to say the least. After some months of this I considered consulting a Jungian dream analyst, but instead I called my wise friend Cheri and confided this maddening situation.

“He represents an aspect of yourself that you are ignoring, or not listening to” she said.

Sounds plausible, but what part of me is anything like John Cusack? Why did my subconscious mind choose him to get my attention? I had to consult an expert, a know-it-all. Google.

The first thing that came up was a three-part Huffington Post piece he had written, of an interview he did with a shrink. Writer and shrink. Apropos thus far…

I didn’t even have to question if I were ignoring my writer self. I knew I was, and it was painful.

In one sitting I read all three extensive parts of the interview. The doc was explaining these ‘”tools” he created to help his clients through the places they get stuck – in life and in their head – so they can move forward, make progress. John wrote, “You start to see that problems are the instruments of your evolution.” This is also Nietzsche’s philosophy. I was intrigued.

I pre-ordered the hard cover book he was pitching, and it arrived on its day of release. I read through it in a day and immediately began utilizing the easy-to-use tools. I went from writers block to not being able to get the words out fast enough. I completed the second half of a book in no time. Creativity was flowing like never before and I had no fear or second-guessing myself or the outcome. The tools helped me to use my authentic voice in writing, and find the courage to give writing as a career an earnest shot.

There are five main tools with illustrations to help you through a myriad of common mental blocks. It only takes doing them once or twice with the book to assimilate them.

There is a sixth tool that keeps you using the other five, and I use it almost every day to keep me motivated. Some days I think of it first thing when I wake up and I hurry out of bed excited to get going. Believe me when I tell you this is a complete turnaround for me.

I began applying the tools to all aspects of my life and I’m not exaggerating when I say this book is a game-changer.

This book can help you self actualize.

As I write this I realize it sounds too good to be true, but I am completely sincere. I think the only person The Tools would not help is one who enjoys misery and does not want to help them self.

I had been stuck in a hamster wheel in my mind, not sure where to begin on what project, afraid of making a mistake and what people would think of my writing. It was as if I had all these sentences circling my head like planes with no where to land. Writers block is a memory for me now. My favorite quote from the book is by one of the authors, Phil Stutz, “Avoid regret by never yielding to complacency.”

Rumor has it there is going to be a second book released soon.

Touche’ Cheri. I have learned that John has an extensive writing resume. In my dreams he indeed represents my artistic, writer self. I still dream of him frequently and although the scenes are always different the interactions are mostly the same. However, I’m not offended or upset by it anymore. Now I grab my notebook and pen and listen to what what my creative voice wants to say, which is incredibly freeing.

I still don’t know why or how my subconscious mind specifically chose John Cusack from the pool of the collective unconscious to get my attention. However, I do know that some questions don’t have answers and I’m okay with that. Acrimony aside, I’m so glad it did. That he also led me to The Tools is like a delicious cherry on top.

It is all sweetly serendipitous.

Now, to figure out those dreams in which I’m making love with a priest on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean….

Check out The Tools on Amazon here.

Read The Alchemists: A Conversation With Phil Stutz, Part I by John Cusack here.

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