Kick-ass editor will use her perfectionist prowess to whip your project into professional, publishable form in no time…

As a writer, I know how important one’s creative project is, and how protective of it a writer can be. Writing – especially completing a book or screenplay – can be a Herculean effort of time and focus. I approach each client’s project, of any length, with respect and care.

I offer personalized service, tailored to your needs and project. I do the work myself and do not contract it out. Of course, confidentiality is included in our written agreement. I do not ever discuss, reproduce, give, or show to anyone any material sent to me by the Author unless directed to do so in writing.

Services include:

Editing – Copy editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation.

Stylistic editing; clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language; line-by-line editing for smoothness and clarity while maintaining author’s voice and style.

Developmental editing: critique.

Formatting – Essays, formal letters, etc., screenplays and manuscripts for submission to agents, and manuscripts prepared for self publishing in book format. I do not format ebooks.

Proofreading – I’ll be your second pair of eyes and check your document or manuscript word-by-word for grammatical and spelling errors.

Indexing and Table of Contents.

I work fast and do not waste time.

Some of my experience includes:

Authored, proofread, edited, formatted, designed, and self-published two books – one non-fiction for adults, and one short story collection for children. Sample sent upon request.

Former newspaper journalist – Attended local events and contacted news-makers to interview, photograph, and report for newspaper. Frequent front page articles and photos. (My editor never changed a word of my articles.)

Designed, wrote content, and maintained a blog-style website for seven years. Now I’m doing the same with this site.

Studied format, story arc, and industry standards for screenplay writing. Wrote, formatted, proofread and edited a feature-length, Writer’s Guild-registered screenplay.

If you require a meticulous editor and would like to discuss working with me on your project, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll respond within 48 hours. Please include some details about your project as well – word count and type (book manuscript, essay, article, etc.).

Include your Skype name if outside of the U.S.